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My beginning in vaping

Posted by Shaun Blair on

So here we are coming into my 5th springtime of vaping thinking of how grateful I am to be vaping rather than smoking cigarettes. 

I used to be a heavy smoker and I started when I was 16 years old. I puffed a packet a day for many years.

I lived in a block of units and I was on the second floor. I was working as a cancer nurse in Royal Adelaide Hospital (Haematology Oncology), even as nurse in a cancer ward I still didn't stop smoking, in-fact I probably smoked more.

I remember a couple months before I started vaping I felt I wasn't breathing very well and getting up the one flight of stairs was taking my breath away and felt as if it was a struggle to catch my breath. 

Anyway a couple of weeks later my mate came around and was puffing on this little black electric cloud machine that the end lit up in a little blue light. It looked like he was smoking but on something I've never seen before.


My friend explained all about this foreign machine and then he told me he hasn't smoked for a few months because of it. Now when he said that it raised my interest as he smoked about the same amount as me and probably similar in the amount of attempts to try quit smoking.

Now this thing sounded interesting but i couldn't afford to buy a kit like that and all the juice you need for it (mind you I always had $$ for cigarettes).

A week later he came back around with another friend of his who was happy to give me a spare old used one of the same type as they were using and a couple of liquids (that they didn't like hahaha).

This was over 5 years ago.

I began to vape on this thing. It was no bigger than a permanent marker and it had liquid in a cartridge that sits on top of a battery. It was activated when you draw a puff on it and when you did the end would light up blue like the end of a cigarette lighting red when you draw on it.

The E-liquid I was given had nicotine in it and was bought from America. I think it was 16mg.

Now I didn't quit smoking straight away, in-fact it took about 2 months of vaping and smoking together to give up the smokes. I didn't quit straight away because I realised quick why my friend didn't use this one anymore. This thing leaked more liquid than I actually could vape. I had to vape quickly before all the liquid leaked out over my desk. Also the battery wouldn't last half a day. So that's when I would smoke, when I had to put the device on charge for another 6 hours. After a couple of months of smoking and vaping i ended up saving a little bit of money and buying myself a second device.

Leading up to buying it I did mountains of research on what I should get when I had the cash. I remember It was called a Vision Spinner battery 1600mAh and a tank called a Kanger Pro Tank mini.

Now this thing was the bees knees I thought back then and this was before any of these fancy high powered mods we have today. The flavour was so much better and most of all it didn't leak. I got through most of the day on this one battery alone and only used my other leaking device for a couple of hours of the day, but the point was I could get through the whole day vaping now.

I then gave up the stinkies completely and have never looked back.

Personally I felt my breathing improve quite quickly, but also my sense of smell and taste was greatly improved quite quick once i quit the cigarettes.

Because of the improvements in my health, taste, smell and also the financial side of things, my love for vaping only grew stronger as I believed in this technology being such a better option than my choice of smoking a packet a day in cigarettes.

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