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How to choose a device for first time vapers

Posted by Shaun Blair on

Looking to begin vaping today has a lot more choices then several years ago and can be quite confusing.

I'm coming from the point of a smoker who can't quit smoking and wants to try vaping as a better choice for their own harm reduction who walks into a shop and is faced with cabinet after cabinet of different devices.

Things to know:

  • Smoking and most starter kits are a mouth to lung type inhale
  • higher powered devices are a straight lung inhale

1. Avoid choosing the biggest and most powerful device

Vapes come in all sorts of shapes, colours and features and when starting out its best to keep it simple.

Vaping can take a little time to get used to, as it feels slightly different to your smoking and a-lot people have been smoking for many years that are used to how  it feels. If you replace that with something that feels very foreign than your probably likely to go back to what your used to.

Choosing the biggest most powerful device provides a bigger vape cloud that usually is a straight lung inhale and will make most people cough when they havn't tried it before, it will be to much vape for the beginner to handle on most occasions. If making big clouds is something you would like to do then maybe start simple and work your way up later. 

I have seen people buy a big powerful device (lung inhale) to start with and because it feels very different to smoking (mouth to lung inhale) they often go back to smoking and then come back at a later time to try again with a smaller simpler mouth to lung device.

2. Choosing a starter kit

Even the choices for starter kits are massive now, this is where if your close to a  local vape shop it might pay to go in and get some advice and you may even get to try a couple of different ones.

For the closest experience to smoking your looking for a tight airflow which will cause a tighter draw as if you were smoking. These are usually a pen style device and run about 20 watts or power and under. These don't have complicated screens with options of different settings. Picture example of the Endura T18 by Innokin.

Then there is the starter kits that perform around the 20-80 watts of power and have adjustable airflow. These are for someone who wants a just a bit more then the 20 watt tight draw. This type of device has a digital screen and you can change the settings to how you like it. If you buy one of these types online and not sure how to work it I suggest you to type the device name into YouTube and you will find many reviews and tutorials on the specific device that you want. Picture example of the Vaporesso Tarot.

Innokin Endura T18

Vaporesso Tarot

If you have any other questions about how to start vaping or even tell us your story of how you began vaping then feel free to contact us here.




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