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Vape Tricks - Fun and vaping skills

Posted by Shaun Blair on

Ok most of us have seen someone blow a smoke ring before, but with the introduction to vaping a whole new skillset has taken the humble smoke ring to a whole new level.

There are vape trick competitions and if you take a look at youtube and see what these skilled vapers can do, it will blow your mind. 


Take your basic blowing a O for instance. Vapers can blow O after O, two O's at the same time over and over and O's that you could jump your whole body through. Try that with a cigarette haha.


The Tornado

This is about my level of expertise in vape tricks, and thats about all. I leave it to the trick experts.

For this you slowly exhale your vape on to a table and make a film of vape cloud over the surface (i got shown to exhale your vape through a roll of hand towel or some sort of tube slowly onto the table). You put your hand horizontally into the vape slowly and then rip it upwards and if you do it right your rewarded with a Tornado right there in front of your eyes. Of course there are some vapers that have even taken this to new impossible looking levels.

The Jellyfish

Now the Jellyfish when I first saw it blew mind, I was like "what the ......"

Ill start with I can not do this one, but I do appreciate anyone who can.

With this you blow a large O then you blow vape through the middle of the O and it will curl around the O and leave a tail, it totally resembles a Jellyfish.

So here is just a few of the tricks that can be done with the vape. If you want to see more just type "Vape Tricks" in you tube and you will have an endless supply of skilled and funny videos regarding vape tricks.

Here at VM we would love for you to post your tricks or tag and share to a friend that can do these or other tricks. 

Also tell us any other tricks we haven't talked about here. 


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