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Hulk - Hazelnut Latte


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What does it mean when there is the Doubler/ Singler choice? what do I choose? I don't understand 

Choose between a 30ml/60ml, 120ml or even 250ml singler if you want it ready to vape, or a 15ml/30ml, 60ml or even 125ml Doubler for those interested in adding a nicotine base. If your new to mixing nicotine and not sure how to do it, it revolves around two things 
1. What strength do you want your liquid to be when mixed?
 2. what strength is your Raw nicotine strength? Example; I bought 100mg strength nicotine but i only want to vape at 6mg.
How do you know what to do? 
I personally use an app that helps with the calculating. On my Apple IPhone I have an App called "ejuice recipe calculator".
Nicotine base: Type in first box your raw nicotine strength, example 100mg.
Target Nicotine Level: second box, this is the strength that you want the final mix to equal, example 6mg
Amount to Create: then this is the bottle size that you have bought and want to mix in. example 60ml bottle size after you type those three things in to the app and it will work it out.
Now look in recipe section PG or VG with Nicotine: this is how many mls of nicotine you need to add to your bottle. so this example is showing to add 3.6mls to = 6mg for the 60ml bottle size using 100mg nicotine. The remaining gap in the bottle just needs to be filled up with pg or vg or both.

If you're not planning on using nicotine in your juice just choose the "Singler" option.


The ingredients may contain the following:

USP Grade Propylene Glycol

USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Natural and/or Artificial flavors

They do not use the following:

Food colourings

Oil-Based Flavours

Artificial Sweeteners

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